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Investment Partnerships Program - PPI

Projeto Crescer

  • PPI in numbers: check the balance

    The estimated investments firmed in the public sales exceed R$ 30 billion. With regard to the grants of R$ 24 billion. 

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  • Hydropower plants: São Simão, Jaguara, Miranda and Volta Grande

    Brazil's Government receives more than R$ 12 billion with public sales

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    Usinas Hidreletricas Leiloadas
  • Lotex: Public consultation is already available. Join the discussion!

    Contributions may be sent by 6 pm (Brasília time) on October 11, 2017.


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    Lotex: consulta pública já está disponível. Participe!
  • 3rd Meeting of the PPI Council: get to know the 57 new projects 

    Crescer: one year with reforms, results and recover.

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    3ª reunião
  • PPI holds roadshow on the auction of the São Simão, Jaguara, Volta Grande and Miranda

    Investors will have the opportunity to compete for highly profitable assets with immediate revenue streams. The public session is scheduled for September 27 at the São Paulo Stock Exchange. 

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    Usinas Hidreletricas
  • PPI: the task force that has been successful!

    The estimate of investments agreed upon in auctions exceeds R$ 23 billion. With regard to grants, deliveries already made sum up R$ 6 billion.

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  • Brazil’s four airports sold for R$ 3.72 billion

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    leilão dos aeroportos
  • Airport infrastructure auctions

    See how the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) may finance projects in the airport sector.

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    Leilões de infraestrutura aeroportuária
  • ANEEL auction to provide more than R$ 12.7 billion in electric energy transmission investments

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    Linhas de Transmissão

See the Projects

Developing Brazil's infrastructure is our challenge. For that reason, we have improved the rules for new projects accomplishment, with greater transparency, competition and efficiency, increasing the private sector's attraction.

Recent files

Follow up on decrees, resolutions and studies of the projects on course.

  • Resolution No. 19 of the PPI Council, August 23, 2017

    19 de setembro de 2017

     TXT (2,24 KB)
     PDF (198,87 KB)
  • Resolution No. 18 of the PPI Council, August 23, 2017

    19 de setembro de 2017

     TXT (4,30 KB)
     PDF (185,81 KB)
  • Resolution No. 16 of the PPI Council, August 23, 2017

    19 de setembro de 2017

     TXT (6,89 KB)
     PDF (192,88 KB)
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